Licence Agreement

All fonts are protected under copyright or intellectual property law. The font only can be used on the basis of a licence. The licence is granted by the provider, possibly in sublicence, to the following regulated extent.

§ 1 Granting

  1. The licence is granted upon payment of the full purchase price.
  2. The font is provided in the format specified in the article description on the website. The use of the font requires that you can process the filetype PostScript flavoured OpenType-Font (.otf), TrueType flavoured OpenType-Font (.ttf), WOFF (.woff) or WOFF2 (.woff2) that the font is delivered in. nice to type takes no responsibility or liability that you are in possession of such a programm.

§ 2 Right of use

  1. The licence is granted unlimited in time and place.
  2. The licence granted is a non-exclusive licence to use the fonts in the scope outlined in the following. The fonts may be used for own commercial purposes, i. e. for use in a company or a corporation. This includes the use in printed documents and business communication. A use of the fonts for personal purposes is of course allowed.
  3. It is not allowed to use the fonts in apps, games or other software, if the use requires the distribution of the font-files within the data / files of the software so that external users could possibly copy or gain access of the fonts / files. The export of the files is only permitted in connection with print data to the respective print shop or in PDF-documents.
  4. The licence may be used by 1 – 4 further users, for additional users the licence has to be extended by request to nice to type, while nice to type is entitled to determine the licence fee.
  5. It is allowed to create a single backup copy of the font.
  6. A transfer of the licence to another company (for example, when changing the corporate form) and the licencing of the font to customers is possible, but requires the consent of nice to type, as far as the aforementioned number of permitted users is exceeded.
  7. A resale of the licence or of the font itself by any means is excluded.
  8. The Web use is only permitted in the form of the provided file formats WOFF (.woff) or WOFF2 (.woff2). The supplied PostScript flavoured OpenType-Font (.otf) and TrueType flavoured OpenType-Font (.ttf), must not be stored on a server connected to the internet.
  9. The licensee is obliged to take appropriate measures to ensure the limitations of the right of use.
  10. When using the fonts, an appropriate copyright notice is required, for example in the imprint of your website, as follows: © nice to type – Gabriel Richter.
  11. Any infringement of the terms of this licence agreement will lapse any right to use the font.

§ 3 Forbidden modifications

  1. A modification of the font is not allowed. You may not commission a third party to modify the fonts. This refers to a change in the design and code of the font in connection with using the font under the specific name.
  2. Changes for printed works, cover designs or similar, or in digital files (e.g. in JPEG-files (.jpg)), i. e. in a purely creative sense without affecting the font-file itself, are possible. A vectorization or rasterization in vector- or pixel-based editing programs with modification of the typeface is therefore allowed, this means in plain creative sense without affecting the font file itself.
  3. If changes to the entire typeface or font are desired, please contact nice to type.
  4. It is not allowed to use the fonts for the own generation of font formats, i.e. PostScript flavoured OpenType-Font (.otf), TrueType flavoured OpenType-Font (.ttf), EOT (.eot), WOFF (.woff), WOFF2 (.woff2), or other font-formats existing or made available in the future. If you need another file format, please contact nice to type.

§ 4 Legal consequences of infringements

If the licensee infringes the aforementioned regulations, nice to type may, notwithstanding further rights, demand a surcharge of 100% for unauthorised use in addition to an appropriate licence.